Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We're back in Oregon. Burns, OR. It's not close to anything. Bend is 2 hours west. Burns, like Lakeview, is very much not a booming metropolis. This is fine with me, i just wish these people wouldn't inbreed quite as much. Small towns are preferred over big towns. Cities, is that what those things are called? Yes, i think so.

We made a trip though McArthy Burney State Park and stayed there a night. Very nice waterfalls, and black swifts too. And a cute little dipper, and osprey and their babies, who were screaming like crazy. Oh, and a white-headed woodpecker, which i don't think i had ever seen before. He was handsome.

On our way to Arcata, we drove through the Redding area, where the fires were, literally, out of control. We could see flames on the side of the road. We passed at least 3 fire camps, with thousands of tents set up, and saw fire trucks from Northern Arizona and LA around. It was sad, the smoke was unbearable. When we finally were coming into blue skies, the giant yellow cloud was just hanging over us. We wore we bandanas around our faces because it was so bad. Blech. We were pretty happy to get into Humboldt County, where the skies were nice and clear and happy. Wheeee!

We stayed in Arcata a few days, the first night setting up camp in Zac's 'office/lab' on the cold linoleum (is that how that is spelled? ) floor that hasn't been cleaned for, mmm, i'm guessing maybe 6 months. Then luckily we found a place to stay for a few months, so we slept in a somewhat civilized manner. That was nice.

Probably, I shouldn't be allowed to stay in Arcata for more than 2 days straight because there are way too many easily accessible vegan baked goods for me to consume. It is very dangerous. Very exciting, very terrifying. I ihave a self control issue when it comes to vegan cake and such. My wi
llpower is obsolete. I am like a ravenous animal. I am not proud. I should probably get some help for this.

The Black Turnstone and Brown Pelicans are from the north spit of Humboldt Bay. The Elk were somewhere by Humboldt Lagoons State park.

We stopped and camped at Crater Lake after stopping in Medford again. Then through Newberry National Monument, 'managed' by the Forest Service. I say, fuck you NFS. Since when is it okay to clearcut and rape a national fucking monument? I'm not okay with this and you shouldn't be either. But Crater Lake was obviously quite lovely, but rather chilly. We looked in vain for some pikas, but alas, no suck luck. Hopefully next time.
We're in Burns for 9-10 days, then I'm hoping, heading down to Arizona.


anw said...

I like the white-headed woodpecker picture. He sure is handsome! I found a WHWO nest in Cottonwood this year too.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Newberry National Monument? Do you have pictures>


Johnny Nutcase said...

Newberry was just logged to hell. Even right on the road there were clear cuts. And when they tried to hide the logging, you could look back about 50 feet through the trees and it was all be cleared. It was horrible.
I think it's because it's not a very visisted area, in the middle of nowhere, and NFS assumes they can just get away with it, because who will notice? People need to pay more attention to what's going on with public lands.
Hi Robb!