Monday, August 4, 2008

Frog Butts and Shit Equipment

Harney County, OR, roughly 190,000 acres. Very nice, and very few people there (just the way i like it).

We saw 7 trumpeter swans (2 babies!), but there were too far away for any good pictures.
But there was a very obliging osprey and a great horned owl which made me h
appy. I never see owls. Lots of eastern kingbirds too, and some crazy cute stilts, lots of ibis, black terns, etc.

The sky here is quite spectacular. I've seen at least 9 shooting stars in the last few days, and the Milky Way is pretty damn prominent. I give it various thumbs up.

I like doing the bat stuff, but i despise the tech part of it, and I think it finally got to Zac too. I think he needs padded walls right now, something very cushy and safe.

The equipment is insane (5 video cameras, a weird leaky car battery, 4 smaller battery pack
s, 4 cord things that go with the stupid little battery packs, some giant weird emitter thing, 2 small shitball speakers from RadioCrack, 2 laptops, a couple crap iriver things, a hard drive, various rebar sticks, 4 infrared lights on PVC pipes, a car battery charger, a handful of what i like to refer to as 'cancer boxes,' the fucking camera chargers and battery pack chargers, some GPS units, the rechargeable battery charger, and a dozen 80's style shit tapes, i dunno..the list goes on and on) -and is of poorest quality. So something inevitably will go wrong every few days, which is totally infurtiating, of course. Zac and I are both currently in very salty moods.

Anyway though, the night sky is freaking impressive here since there are no towns within almost 4 hours - that means zero light pollution. And that puts a smile on my face.

There are two coyote pups and their mom who hang out by one of the sites. Tonight we tried to put an extra camera up to see if we could catch them on video, but that doesn't seem to go very well. There's a little garter snake on the other site that has been there 4 nights. And on one of the infrared lights, there are usually 3-4 little treefrog guys who hang out and warm their little frog butts up. So at the end of the night i have to gently pull them off and put them on the ground. But then I feel bad, because I would prefer to stick them in my pocket and call them lovey dovey names and sing songs with them, and perhaps enjoy a cup of tea.

I took this picture somewhere on the Texas coast, but he's still a cute treefrog and gets the job done. Ya know?

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