Sunday, August 10, 2008

Southern CA sucks

It's at least 143 degrees in this motel room. At least. I have a very exaggerated case of swamp ass happening right now...We FINALLY made it to Arizona, but still have at least 4-5 hours to go tomorrow. We have been driving more than 24 hours now, starting out in Burns, OR...driving the entire length of CA. Not that much fun since we're sort of in a hurry, so we can't play like we usually do.

We did see several coyotes, pronghorn, a kit fox - adorable!, skunks, raccoon, and other stuff while still in OR. But once we got near Sacramento heading south, it was just crap.

Southern CA/ the central valley is a horrible place. I despise it, and don't understand the appeal of anything near that area. I never want to be within 400 miles of LA or Bakersfield or Barstow or Palm Springs again. Noooooo! Ew. It all makes me feel so dirty. Dirty, dirty. The air pollution makes my eyes hurt and my throat sore and my head hurt. Boo to that nonsense.

I greatly enjoy clean air and night skies, trees and wildlife. This part of CA can offer none of that.

Also, the wind turbines between San Bernadino and Palm Springs make me want to rip my hair out.

Tomorrow hopefully we'll get to Buenos Aires NWF in time to hike around and play, cause my attention span has reached it's limit of sitting in the car.

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