Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Hiking

I was planning on going for a 5-6 hour hike today, but only got about 3 hours in, because there were some clouds to be wary of, I so thought. Getting struck by lightening isn't high on my list, so I decided to head back in. Turns out they were actually snow clouds! Nahh! No, really, they were. It started snowing right when i got in the car.

I hope I have time go to back to that place though. I was hiking on a ridge, overlooking a place called Cottonwood Canyon full of aspen groves and granite walls - totally different than the high elevation I was at -if I had all day, I could have probably hiked down to the bottom, and likely killed myself coming up - lots of elevation gain! But if i have time, I'm going to try.

There were three Blue-winged Teals who came to visit the pond (field site) yesterday. It was a mom and two babies. But this morning when i went to get the equipment (which, finally worked!!! yesss!) the mom was gone?

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