Friday, September 26, 2008

Hello there trees

Because bristlecones have the ability to evoke a variety of emotions , I think all positive, here's some more pictures of them. I can't help but be awestruck by them, and I know it's the same for a lot of people. It's a combination of their age, their ability to survive and struggle, the shape and beauty, the individuality of each of them, just the entire being and idea of them, I guess. I love them.

The picture above is a snag that has been dead for 3,000 years, and it's still hanging on. That's pretty badass.

Each one is a piece of art. Pictures don't do them justice at all.

This one is one of my favorite trees that I found. It's trunk is giant, and there is a young tree growing right by the base of it. 20 years old and thousands of years old. You can't walk by this and not admire these guys. You just cannot.

This one above is in the Shulman Grove, one of the few trails I was on. Tons of great trees, with the alleged oldest living organism on earth here also. Below is a picture of the White Mountains..above treeline. Kinda looks like a moonscape.


Lisa said...

I love your trees. Athough I'm slightly concerned about your obsession with them. But really, I can't blame you. My cats have Hayduke's leftovers and are enjoying them.

anw said...

If you were a tree, would you be a bristlecone?

Johnny Nutcase said...

yes. i can admit i have a (healthy) obsession with them. and Yes, i would definitely be a bristlecone. i might be a little chilly, but i think i could handle it.