Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boring Boredom Blah

My brother did (finally) get hitched p yay! so we went up to Seattle last week. It was fancy fun time, but I'm a little bummed because I didn't really get to see my brother very much. And i thought that was lame. I did get to hang out with my seesta a lot though, so I was happy about that. The wedding was really nice and I had to dress up a lot and be all talky social, and we all know I've been out of practice in that aspect lately. But it was good stuff, and my bridesmaid bouquet is still alive and kicking almost 2 weeks later, and the lillies smell oh so good. Zac looked very handsome in his new suit. I'm not sure when he will ever wear that again , but...meh.

We're in Arcata right now. I'm supposed to be going back to Bishop, CA (eastern CA mountains) or Zzyzx, CA (Mojave desert in southern CA) this week for one last field site for the bat stuff. But, I guess the site (pond) in Bishop is all dried up and the Zzyzx nerds are having issues granting us a permit for research. So i might not be going anywhere. The Park Service drives me insane.

So I'm catching up on data and watching all the bat videos that we didn't watch this season- which, let me tell you, is freaking thrilling. Well last night there was a coyote on the video so that was kinda neat.

We haven't had a chance to do much hiking or climbing or playing lately, cause Zac has been crazed out by classes and stuff (so glad I'm not in grad school), but we're going to hopefully go climb tomorrow, and if I'm here this weekend, we must go backpacking before i go insane. Arcata is a bubble of freaky shit.

That is all.

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anw said...

However boring your life is right now, I bet it can't top mine...