Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Harbor seals are not little aliens

Lovely then. I've been able to get out and about a little more often lately. We went to the South Spit of Humboldt Bay the other day and walked along the beach for quite a while. Saw some Semipalmated plovers and admired their cuteness. Looked for starfish at the North Spit but was horribly bummed because they were all gone. A few months ago there were tons, but every time we've gone back it's been high tide or the ocean has been really angry and we haven't been able to even walk on the jetty. I know nothing about starfish, but I guess they had places to be and have now left the building. I just wanted some pictures of them and to say hello. Is that so much to ask? Thanks, starfish, thanks a lot. But this Brandt's Cormorant smiled for the camera.

And I was very happy to play in the sand.

This weekend we went inland about an hour and a half towards Willow Creek and the Trinity Alps. It was nice to see some leaves changing color since there isn't much of that here on the coast.

We didn't get to do a ton of hiking, just a few smaller trails here and there, but it was still really pretty and nice to be in a little warmer weather. That's the fog coming in from the coast to the mountains in the picture below. It was dusk and the light was really bad and this was the last shot I got before the camera battery decided to die. But, the fog was freaking awesome. Big giant sheets of it just rolling in, quite pretty. Made me want to be a carebear. Or something. You know, because they live in the clouds, don't they? That always seemed especially appealing to me.

We might be going to see Zac's parents this weekend in San Francisco, but if not, we're going to go backpack in the Trinity Alps. This is good. This is needed. Required, yes.

We were going to go climbing at Patrick's Point State Park the other day. We got our gear and were on our way. We got there and were distracted by the harbor seals (about 15 of them) that kept popping their heads up by the shore. After 30 minutes of getting down to the shore and watching them, it started raining, so we had to scratch the climbing thing. We wandered around the park for a while though before the weather got too shitty. I really don't understand how the seals don't get crushed when the waves crash on the rocks, I mean, it's not friendly on the Pacific coast, ya know?

Yesterday I went to Moonstone Beach and Luffenholtz Beach while Zac was (haha) in class (sorry Zac). Moonstone has a huge stretch of beach and climbing too, but there were a lot of people around yesterday. I walked down the beach a couple miles though and lost 'em all. I ate lunch in the dunes and found a bunch of sand dollars. Then I went to Luffenholtz and played around for a while.

That's Moonstone Beach above and Luffenholtz below.

Yup. We played disc golf today at some lame course. I wanted to play at the course in the Redwoods, but I guess it's sort of difficult, and our abilities might not be up to par...


anw said...

A carebear, Jill? Really?

Lisa said...

I love Pat's Point. I wish I was not in stupid Texas.

Johnny Nutcase said...

oh, Amber, who doesn't love a snuggly carebear or three? now really...

Johnny Nutcase said...

yeah, Patrick's Point is pretty nice. Me likealot.