Monday, October 27, 2008

Things that go boink

Well hello there, hi. So we did indeed meander down to the Bay Area this weekend. It was a swell time. We stopped at Humboldt Redwoods State Park on the way down for a quick hike. We were going to bring Hayduke on the hike, but there was a picture of a dog with an x on it, so we assumed they meant felines as well. There is an albino redwood in the grove we went to, but we didn't have a whole lot of time to look for it. Maybe this week we'll drive back down there and search that bad boy out. Yes.

We also made a stop at the cheesified tourist trap known as Confusion Hill on 101. I've been wanting to waste ten dollars there for a while now, so that was dandy. We did the Gravity House thing and got a little dizzy and not quite as enthralled as I had hoped. The gem of the man who took our moola said that some people describe it as a 'cheap drunk.' Really, sir? I think he was referring to himself. Whatever, I thought it was neat-o, because I am sometimes easily entertained.
We pretty much did nothing on Friday, other than play at the camera store for a little while. Zac got me an early birthday present consisting of a sweet new super fast lense and an external flash. Nice! I can't wait to learn how to use 'em.
Saturday we hung out with Zac's mom and dad and went to the Santa Cruz Mountains for a good hike. It was 80 degrees!!! And sunny! Sweet god! It's been too long, I tell you. Too long since I have been warm and seen more than 25 minutes of sunlight. We filled our backpack with apples from various apple trees along the trail. mmmm good apples. I believe we will make apple butter, because we have about 20 apples now.

On Sunday, Zac went to some boring football game with his padre, and I...don't laugh..went to the ballet (stop laughing) with his mum. So ballets are not my thing, and I haven't been to one since i was a wee child, but some of the music I enjoyed quite a bit, and hot damn if I don't respect the dancers for being in such stupidly good shape.
We didn't get back until 3 30 or somehing Monday morning. Our source of entertainment for part of the drive back was Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. That thing is insane.

On a different note, can anyone tell me why people say "back East" and "Out West" - it irritates me to no end and makes no bloody sense. Also, why do people refer to the Bay Area as Northern CA ? Because, duh, people, it's not.

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