Monday, November 3, 2008

The White One and Monster Waves

Between the rain on Sunday, we drove to Southern Humboldt and played in the redwoods some more. We sucessfully found the albino redwood! Really neat stuff! I think there's only 3-5 of them that people know of? It's parasitic and grows at the base of a normal healthy redwood. It's kind of bunchy and mishappen but the leaves look like ice. It's quite pretty.The sun decided to try to come out a little bit while we were there, which made for some nice rays through the big trees.After giving our love to the Redwoods, we drove out to the Lost Coast, through the King's Range. Hot damn it's pretty out there! Next year, that is the first place we're going - backpacking on the Lost Coast. We got there around dusk so we didnt' have nearly enough time to run around like crazy people on the beach. The waves were out of control. Big old honkin waves crashing right on the beach. The ocean was angry. It was a black sand beach made up of a little black pebbles. I enjoyed it greatly.
Look at the pretty. It's all so pretty.
And this is a mushroom I found to be rather cute. Hello there you cute little mushroom, hello!


anw said...

Wow, albino redwoods! Sounds freaky and cool!

BarefootJ said...

eee, i hadn't heard of albino redwoods before. that's awesome! and i really dig your photos, too.


Tiffany said...

So, you're sunset pic of the Lost Coast is awesome...but, it reminds me of the scene from Goonies when they're all standing on the beach and the pirate ship comes sailing out!!! haha! Love it, Lady!