Friday, November 21, 2008

The Bitter Cold

Have i mentioned my distaste for macs? I was trying to say that i went for a hike/casual stroll at Warner Park today. The sun was extremely deceiving and made me into a fool. I checked the windchill and it was 20 something? Come on! That's not doable for people like me. But I still have all my fingers and had a good hike. I spent three summers building and maintaining the trails at that park, so it'll always hold a nice little spot in my cold, cold heart. What? I don't have a cold heart! No really, I don't. 

I tried to take some bird photos, but taking pictures with big old gloves on is sort of fruitless. Very difficult. But, taking gloves off means you have a brush with death, or at least frostbite or loss of feeling in my fingers. I really hate the cold. I lost all feeling in all extremities. It was sort of painful. I did manage to get one decent shot of a cardinal though. I was a little angry with the chickadees cause they wouldn't sit still, at all, ever. Maybe they were in the Witness Protection Program and didn't want their photo taken. I guess i can't blame them. 

I don't know what that white thing is. I'm hoping plant-man Zac can let me in on the know. Hopefully it's nothing weird and exotic, cause I don't want to glorify some evil invasive thing. But, it is pretty. 

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