Monday, November 3, 2008

Homebase Relocated

I'm flying back to the red state of Tennessee next weekend. Been a while since I've been there- a year I guess, minus one day in June. So, I'm looking forward to it. I miss Garfunkel, and it'll be nice to see my parents for more than a few hours, and hang out with my Southern friends. Yay! Zac is coming out for Thanksgiving and Christmas so we don't have to be apart too long (aww, ain't that sweet).

I must say, I'm not too bummed about leaving Arcata until next August. Arcata is freaking weird. Northern CA is obviously gorgeous and has heaps of outdoor things that people like me love, and that part I adore about this area, but the people of Arcata (and Humboldt County in general) are really um, unable to function. And that is irritating. Not that I'm all about conforming to society's stereotpyical standards (i mean, come on, look at me!), but christ on a little freaking cracker!

I don't really want to get into exactly how i feel about the homeless -by- choice 18-30 year old crowd here, because I might not be able to hold back. Basically, these people sit and smoke pot all day - in public, in front of their bastard little children, asking for change when they are wearing a NorthFace jacket, peeing on people's cars, with their dreads that look like giant dingleberries, contributing nothing to society, and most definitely nothing to themselves.

It really bothers me to see people with bongs on the plaza and a group of 10 screwups sitting in a circle with their blasted bongos and didjeridus as props and cries for attention, smoking right in front of their 'whoops' babies and little kids (these people DO NOT need to be reproducing). That's messed up. They are also an extremely hypocrytical lot, the Arcatans. Yeeargh.

But, the good thing about Arcata is that there are a lot of vegan places to eat, the town is pretty environmentally aware, good transit systems, a lot of eco friendly stores, tons of beautiful areas nearby to climb, backpack, kayak, hike, etc. And the older people are beautiful and healthy looking (think Jane Goodall), so that is encouraging.

Oh, also, the rainy season just started. Apparently, the sun doesn't really come out and the rain doesn't really stop until Spring. So yeah, not gonna miss that !

So that was my rant. Thank you for your time.

Anyway, I'll be in Tennessee thru December. Afterwards, Zac and I are keeping our fingers crossed that we can go to Costa Rica for 3 weeks or so before we go back to Texas at the end of February. That'd be fancy pants!


Kevin L. Hoover said...

Rarely have I heard the Plazoids described so movingly.

For a minute I thought "screwkps" was a new term I hadn't heard yet. But I guess it was meant to be "screwups." Still, it has a certain something.


Johnny Nutcase said...

Ah, after a bit of googling, I think i realize you are on the same wavelength as I am - most here aren't. So I appreciate that.
Typos happen.