Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Found a three -legged turtle friend wandering around the yard a couple days ago, on his way to the lake. Much like a hyperactive 5 year old, I ran out in the 30 degree weather and said hello to him. (because i really really like turtles).

I picked him up and brought 'em inside (he didn't pee on me, yeah!). I think he's a red-eared slider but his carapace was a lot darker than most. Snapping turtles, sliders, and softshells are pretty much the only turtles I've ever seen on this lake, but if someone has better insight, tell me. 

I noticed the guy was missing his front left leg. It looked like it had probably been gone for a long time, and he got around just fine without the extra limb. There was a tiny nub (nub is a weird word)- my guess is that it was chomped off by a snapping turtle many moons ago.

Anyway, I brought the fellow inside and took some pictures of him. I love the picture of him and Garfunkel. That's a look of pure horror, even though Garf is like 7 times his size. You can see Sir Turtle's lack of limb in that first picture. 

Also, on the subject of turtles...Zac and I went to Radnor Lake a couple weeks ago and we saw probably 70-80 turtles out sunning themselves. Radnor Lake is where I let my beloved Doug and Baba go last year and I am convinced that I saw them there at Radnor Lake. So i cried tears of happy turtle joy. 

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Lisa said...

Stop torturing Garf with the crippled turtle.