Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Back from Costa Rica

We got back from Costa Rica the night of the 15th. So we're both dealing with that whole slipping back into civilization/society thing (always difficult for me). Costa Rica was, of course, brilliant. We traveled around quite a bit, hitting up a lot of national parks and saw tons of really cool plants, animals, birds, etc.

We saw 204 species of birds (okay, i only saw 203), 4 different kinds of monkeys, olingos, agoudis, coatis, AN ANTEATER!!!!, jaguar and tapir prints in the sand, and hoards of other fancy stuff. Took tons of pictures and got a few shots i really like. Ate several years worth of plantains, rice, and beans and hiked over 200 miles. We had an awesome time and are looking at our bank accounts and calendar and assessing when we can go back (soon). Oh yes.

I kept a daily journal so I'll be posting way too many blogs with picture in the near future. The picture above is a Howler monkey chowing down in Santa Rosa National Park. I was so glad she came down low enough in the tree to get a decent shot - love the monkeys!

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