Friday, February 27, 2009

Costa Rica Day 1 & 2

January 18

Made it to San Jose, where we couldn't figure out the whole bus thing, so we were forced to take an overpriced cab to the hostel (Casa Ridgeway). We had a decent room decorated with the face of MLK and his quotes.  Had a nice big cockroach as a roommate. We walked into the city and found a place to eat some food. The music was great - unheard of 80's songs in English!  My favorite of the night had these lyrics: "Are we human or are we dancers?" Now, that really is the question, is it not? I wonder if Lisa or Sunny knows the answer?

January 19
We woke up at the pleasant hour of 4 am and took a cab to the totally sketched out CocaCola bus station in the bad part (not sure if there really is a 'good' part) of San Jose. We got on a bus to Uvita and stayed on that bus for 7 hours. Awesome! We thought we were nearing the end of the trip (according to the map) 

The paved road stopped and going 23 miles took 3 hours. That's right. Three hours, 23 miles. Impressive! I don't think stopping every 50 yards to pick people up and drop people off helped that timing. There was a guy with a machete sitting behind Zac, which he really appreciated.

But, we didn't lose our bags and we got to Uvita and found the hostel really easily (probably because Uvita isn't really a town!). We dropped our stuff off and walked a few miles to the beach and took a lovely little dip. As usually happens with salt water, I got very excited. 

There were thousands of live sand dollars on the beach, they were everywhere! We saw a lot of birds on the walk there and back. I was going to say what we saw, but I guess I already made the full list, so there is not really any need for that, eh? We got back to the hostel and ate a gourmet meal that consisted of pickles and veggie baked beans. Quite the tasty treat!


Sunny said...

To answer your question, I know that I am human but you my friend, You are a DANCER!!! I have seen your moves and I have a video to prove it.

clairz said...

Thanks for commenting on my Skywatch post. I'm so pleased to find your blog with all these great photos, especially as my sister has been planning a trip to Costa Rica. She'll love this stuff!