Thursday, March 5, 2009

Costa Rica Day 3

We had a tasty and nutrtitious breakfast that consisted of pickles. Then, on a super full stomach (please note sarcasm), we packed our bags and hiked to Marion Ballena National Park (above). It was supposed to be a 3 mile hike, but we made it a 6 mile loop. When we got there, the park ranger gave us directions to the camping area in Spanish, so we just paid close attention to his numerous hand gestures.

While hiking to the camping area, we passed someone's property and decided to just ask if we could camp there. Okay, really since we didn't understand the guy's directions, we thought this was the camping area. It ended up working out really well, and we ended up camping here for a couple nights. There's where we camped below.

We played on the beach the rest of the day. The sunset was rather idealistic and when it got dark, we took a nice stroll on the beach. Got back to the tent and ate wasabi soy beans for dinner - again, very filling! I wondered if the water really was okay to drink? I had a hypochondriac moment wondering about Hepatitis.

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