Thursday, March 5, 2009

Costa Rica Day 4

Woke up to a Striped owl screeching and screaming like it was going out style. Holy crap! What a gut wrenching noise that guy made. I was only half awake, since it was about 4 30, and was rather concerned there was some hideous crime being committed. Then i realized it was just the owl.

We got up and ate tortillas with almond butter and then the old man (who owned the property) came over with a gigantic coconut for me to drink. Ohh la la! What a tasty treat! It's too bad Zac is allergic to the coconutty, but more for me!

Soon after this elating moment of coconut drinking, there was tragedy: Zac realized he forgot his binoculars. We determined he had left them in the back of Sunny and Ben's car in Florida. I was mildly pertrubed as well- good thing we have the zoom lens!

We hiked around the park, which mainly consisted of beach. We hiked up to one end called the Whaletail, where there were lots of tide pools and a big reef. Then we walked to the other end, where the beach pretty much ended and it became rocky and met the jungle. And! We saw White-faced Capuchin monkeys! MONKEYS! Two adults and one little baby. I was quite thrilled, as they were my first monkeys in the wild. So cute and curious!

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing in the ocean like two hyperactive 9 year olds. I had a hard time giving the coconut up after the juice was gone, so with all my will and strength (okay, mainly Zac's), we used the saw-toothed part of the pocketknife to cut it open. This took patience.

Also noteworthy: The family had a dog. Said dog came over to me and wanted to be pet and was all snuggly. Another dog came by who also wanted to be petted, so I obliged. The first dog apparently became annoyed, lifted his leg, and PEED ON MY BUTT! Sigh. The dog peed on my butt, come on!

It started down pouring in the late afternoon, so we decided to grin and bear it by putting on our rain gear. We walked the few miles into town and got dinner at a tasty pizza place. No queso, por favor! Haha.

It eventually stopped raining, so we walked back to the tent and went for a nice night hike. There were so many bats! One touched my foot as he was snagging a bug, cool! Also a lot of crabs on the beach, weird bugs and moths, and an opossum (i forget which kind).

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