Thursday, March 5, 2009

Costa Rica Days 5&6

Day 5

This morning I almost died when a coconut decided to throw itself out of a tree and directly into my path. One more foot and the vicious thing would have knocked me in the head. Very narrow escape.

We packed our stuff up and hiked back into town, taking some time to admire the leaf-cutter ants. Those guys are impressive, I love 'em! We went for a hike on some dirt roads outside of town, attempting to find a waterfall that supposedly exists. We did not have luck finding the alleged waterfall. The hike was fun though - we went through a bamboo forest (not just any bamboo- giant bamboo!) and the forest eventually got crazy thick. We started heading back before it got too dark. Back in town, we camped behind the hostel, which was a little weird. We sat in the hammocks for a while and read.

Day 6

Woke up at 5 after two hours of sleep (thanks to some serious face sucking from some nerds at the hostel). Packed up our stuff and managed to find the bus stop. Hopped on the bus and headed to San Isidro. Then we switched buses and went to San Jose. Waited for three hours there and then got on the bus to Monteverde. Here I almost shat myself thanks to insane drop offs and narrow roads. We were on the bus from 6 am to 8 pm. That is all I have to say about today.


anw said...

We have big ole bamboos here too! I keep looking for pandas. Have not found any yet.

Johnny Nutcase said...