Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Costa Rica Days 7&8

Day 7, January 24

Stayed in a great little hotel last night. Woke up to breakfast of coffe, coffee, coffee, and toast and bunches of fresh fruit - papaya! I love you! We took a cab to Santa Elena Preserve and spent the whole day playing there. Beautiful place. It rained most of the day, but hey, that's what happens in the rainforest and we were glad we had gaiters with us. We saw lots of funky bugs, flowers, birds of course, a coati, but otherwise no other mammals. The place was great and there were hardly any people there - always a plus!
Later that night we got suckered into paying for a night hike...Yes, I know. It was totally dorky and not extremely informative for us but we saw a tarantula and a few other cool things....
Day 8, January 25

We stayed at the 'nice' hotel again- 30 bucks and that place rocks! Slept pretty well, but the wind! Oh my god the wind! It was out of control. Felt like the hotel was breaking into little pieces. Luckily, it didn't.

It was pouring rain this morning, and so we waited until about 9 30, then we just went for it anyway. Some guy yesterday told us where to find Emerald Toucannets, so that's where we booked it this morning. We saw three of them and I was excited because they were adorable and so good lookin' at the same time, and one posed very nicely for a photo op.
Afterwards, we hiked up towards the Monteverde Preserve towards the hummingbirds. AND THEY LANDED ON OUR FINGERS!!! They were so tiny and so cute. Tiny and cute. Ahem. We saw nine species and I think one might have flown into my ear.

We were about to leave, but then I saw an olingo slyly wandering around. So that was pretty awesome. I had seen one the day before, but just for a second. We managed to get a pretty good look at this friend. Apparently, they are fairly rare and difficult to see, so we were pumped.
We finally left the cloud forest and started the hike (still raining) back to town, about 7 miles or so. We saw more agoudis and a bunch of birds on the way back. When we got nearer to town, it was dark and Zac fell into a drainage ditch (good planning city of Santa Elena) and almost did something bad to his ankle/foot/leg. Very soon after, he almost got hit by a car that decided to not stop at the Stop sign, but then again, really, does anyone stop at Stop signs in Costa Rica? No. So we were relieved to arrive back in one piece, more or less, at the hotel....Shampoo! We bought shampoo! and we used it! Wow!

I washed some clothes in the sink and dried them downstairs in the hotel dryer...but in the process managed to lose a pair of underoos.Wandering where they are...

Great day even though though the rain turned us into giant wrinkly prunes by the end of it!

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anw said...

Olingo. Ridiculous. Never heard of them. I had to look them up and read about them. They are related to raccoons. Cool!