Saturday, March 21, 2009

Costa Rica Days 9&10

Day 9, January 26
Zac had to work this morning and that was lame. I turned into a pouty child because of this. He spent a few hours at a computer lab this morning while I wandered around the surrounding countyside streets. The wind was out to get me however, so my walk was sort of short-lived.
When he was done we went to another preserve called Ecological Sanctuary. It was nice and such, and there were very few people but the trails were not maintained at all. A few times the trails just kinda dropped off into the river or a cliff or something, so we had to turn around. Then I lost one of my sunglass lenses. Bummer.Then I became a bit more agitated because we still had not seen a sloth, what??! However, we did see about 25 coatis who just kept coming down the hill, one after another. The adults didn't mind us much, but there was one baby who was rather skeptical of us being there. He kept ducking and peeking around the trees, checking us out - very cute of him.
We also saw a Sun Bittern, which was snazzy, since you don't see those guys every day. We saw a Black-throated Green Warbler which for a second we hoped/thought was a GCWA. I really wanted it to be a Golden-Cheeked. We saw a bunch more agoudis, no sloths, and another huge leaf-cutter ant colony. It was freaking huge! I don't know how they do it. Go ants. We hiked back into town and played an abnormal amount of yahtzee. I won 17 out of 24 games. Alas, I am the yahtzee master.
Day 10, Januray 27

We checked out of our beloved Mar Inn, and went for a good hike before our shuttle to Liberia left. In Liberia, the driver dropped us off on the side of the highway. Fun. Please don't spend much time in Liberia if you have a choice. Liberia is a shithole. We found a hostel and somehow, I agreed to stay there. I must have evolved as a person or something? Luckily, we didn't get scabies or some other weird crap. Dear god. I suppose it did have some, what would you say, 'character' but well, frankly, EW!
We walked down the street in search of a couple beers. We found what we were looking for and then reluctantly met some cracked out scumbag from Florida who made frequent trips to the bathroom every few minutes to get his fix. Lovely. Jackass was up to zero good and I'm hoping he's locked inside a Costa Rican jail cell for a good chunk of time. We bolted when he was in the bathroom at one point and kept on going. Headed back to the sketchy hostel and tried our hardest not to touch anything in that place.

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