Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Leakey Things and Stuff

Welcome. Welcome to Leakey. The town is reaeeeaaallly hanging on to that '75 win. Musta been a pretty sweet game.
This was taken right in town. I won't lie, I agree with their sentiment.

The mighty Frio River. People flock from neaby counties to tube (or as they say and spell, 'toob') this slow moving river. But! the water quality is surprisingly healthy, and the water is a nice blue-green color. And the headwaters are smack dab on the ranch, which I think is pretty cool. But, the springs are all sucked dry right now so it's not quite as nice as it could be. Come on, rain, you can do it!

The mountain laurel smells like grape koolaid. Or is is coolaid? I have no idea. But my point is that the stuff smells like shiny happy pretty things and i could sniff it all day long (but apparently it can make you vomit, so you're not supposed to). But i want to!

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Dan said...

I have to confess that "Leakey Eagles" sound like something that should be avoided at all cost... at least when you're without a sturdy hat or umbrella.