Friday, April 24, 2009

Get out of my ear!

Before I forget, I must mention this: I found my first tick of the season yesterday morning. Would you like to know where I found it? No, not there. It was in my ear. Like, wedged all up in my ear, in a pretty nasty place. When i pulled it off (thank god for the compass mirror!) I could hear each individual leg of the bastard come off cause it was IN MY EAR. I mean, really, seriously, how disgusting is that? I felt dirty. I still feel dirty.

Onto subjects of less displeasure...Here's some bird photos from around our 'yard.' Most are not great quality, but whatever. The birds are still pretty birds.

This Yellow-throated Warbler flew right up to the window the other day, I guess seeing his reflection. i was sitting at the table and thought he was a butterfly for a second- he was just fluttering there for a a good 20 seconds. I would have invited him in for a cup of tea or something but he seemed pretty busy.

This Black-throated Green was hanging out in the tree outside our front door for 2 days. Zac has some better pictures of him, but not on this computer.
This Orange-crowned Warbler was in the same tree...
This very vocal little White-eyed Vireo was on the front of one of our transects. I took the picture before sunrise, so the light was pretty awful. But it was the one of the very few times I've seen a White-eyed actually come out into the open.
And of course a Golden-cheeked. This would have been a lovely photo but there's a bunch of greenery in the way. Oh well.
And the Summer Tanager - they are ALL over the place right now.
The next guys we saw on our drive to Uvalde, via Utopia. That's right Uvalde and Utopia. Dickcissel, Western Kingbird and tons of Scissor-tailed Flycathcers! That one had an exceptionally long tail. Hot damn!

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