Saturday, April 25, 2009


Last weekend we went for a night hike on one of our transects. For the past two years, we have seen plenty of evidence that a big cat lives around there, and a lot of the transect smells like cat pee. Zac put his recorder up last month and soon after, said cat peed on or near it to mark it's territory. So. We thought it would be a wise (and fun) decision to stumble over the rocks at night. Within a short amount of time, sure enough, we hear a deep irritated growl. We hear it twice before our heart rates rocket up and get the hell out of there. Oh Transect 7, you will forever terrify me. It was Transect 6 last year - we found a fresh mountain lion kill (a deer) right undernearth one of our flags.

It gets better. Yesterday, Ken (a swell guy who works on the ranch) told us that someone on the HEB property (the ranch that backs up to Big Springs) was attacked by a cougar while jogging. Along the property line - where transect 7 is, where we heard the growl. Oh boy. 

Also, I am pleased to have hot water again after ten days, so I don't have to shower in the horse shower (it has hot water) at the barn anymore.  

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Lisa said...

please dont let the big kitty eat you.