Friday, April 24, 2009

This, That and a little bit of that other stuff.

Well hello there. I need a Duran Duran greatest hits album. Desperately need it. I'm going to order it now, it's gotta happen. 

Zac and i went for a good hike this weekend on our day off. I stumbled upon this Western Coachwhip, who quickly climbed to the top a juniper. This was the first snake sighting of the season, so I was pumped. It was really windy (seems it's always windy in Texas this year) and the tree was blowing all over the place, but a few photos came out okay. He was pretty big, a little more than five feet I'm guessing? I also found a little snake last night, but can't identify it. Maybe a milksnake of some sort? I think he's all weird looking because he's young so the guidebooks are not being helpful. I must turn to the experts. Yes. 

Not a whole lot going on in Leakey. Really, you ask? Really, I say. The GCWA's should be having little babies soon, so I'm looking forward to that cuteness. I found a Black and White Warbler nest yesterday - I sort of stumbled upon it. They nest on the ground and I had put my backpack down to look at the GCWA I was following and poof there was the female BAWW right by my feet. I did a quick look and found the nest in about .3 seconds- with two nestlings that looked like they had just hatched within the last 24 hours. One egg was steal working on it. I was very happy with my find and wanted to stay and admire the little guys but gotta outta there cause I didn't want to bother them.  

Speaking of babies, this little guy is about 2.5 weeks old now. He doesn't have a name yet, but I'm sure it will be something midly cheesy because i think the kids on the ranch are naming him. The mom let me in the stall when he was about 3 days old. I was surprised, but she was pretty cool with it. He was so soft and snuggly! He's getting a little more crazy-horse now and the mom is a bit more protective of him. 

Hmm, here's a picture of the cave we checked out a few weeks ago. I had found it a couple days before out in the field but was too scared to go in myself. It's weird cause it is in the ground, kind of in a sinkhole type thing. Don't usually see caves like that around here. It went back about ten feet and there were some fancy rocks in there, and it looked like something had been living in there recently (beds and scat and stuff). There were definitely a few tunnels that went back further, and I think if you took time and a lot of effort to move them, you could somehow squeeze in there, but we are not pros and don't want to die. So, I explored no further. 

Zac and I are going backpacking in the Guadalupe Mountains the first weekend of May I think, once we get weekends off. Definitely looking forward to that, and getting far far freaking away from the living situation here. Because it sucks more than most things suck- not Leakey, just the trailer, and living with a girl who has never ever once cleaned, never takes the trash out, has absolutely NO idea of personal space and boundaries. Last night I came extremely close to snapping. She better get a freaking idea of common courtesy or shit's going to get ugly. Ahem, I will release on the venting...

I was just invited (by the lady who works at the Beverage Barn) to crash a wedding reception tomorrow. I think she was serious. It could be entertaining...For good measure, I'm putting this picture of Zac up. Because I think it's hilarous. 


anw said...

1. I'm glad you didn't die in the cave.

2. Did you know that BAWW's are like, my second favorite bird ever??

Dan said...

I am also glad that you chose wisely and avoided an untimely Texan death. Nice update. Cute horsey... yep, I said horsey. Enjoyed the snake as well, though damn happy he's in Tejas.

Johnny Nutcase said...

i am glad you two are glad i did not meet my death in the cave. thank you. Amber, i was not aware of your love of blacka whackas (that's what i call them). but! i love them too, because really now, how can you not?