Friday, May 8, 2009

Roasty Toasty

The low the other night was 80 degrees here. I feel like telling everyone that. Generally, i love the heat. But, there was no wind and the bugs, oh no no no, the bugs. I'm pretty confident I gave myself an aneurism (that's disgusting!)  from the buzzing of various bug types. My brain can't take that shit, the buzzing i mean. I also hurt my nose when i swatted them away from my face. 

Speaking of injuries, it looks like I willingly beat myself all day every day. It's a bit scary. Bruises, oh! the bruises. Scratches, Oh! the scratches. the 44 fire ant bites...let's not forget those.  Also, i was 'dancing' in the car (we had satellite radio on the truck for a few weeks, and the 80's station got overworked) the other week and managed to hurt my neck and my head because i got a little too excited about some song (i have forgotten which onee). That's pretty stupid. 

The GCWA's are starting to hatch. Good, fledgies are freaking adorable! Speaking of freaking adorable, here are some cute things. Painted Bunting. No one, NO ONE can deny his cuteness. And a rock squirrel. Also very cute. 

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