Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bat Crazy

Zac, Melissa and I finally went to the bat cave a few days ago. Supposedly, it's got the 2nd largest bat population in the world. Damn! They say 10-13 million, MILLION!! bats. That's pretty badass, you gotta admit.

So it was awesome. We saw a few raptors snag a bat meal a couple of times. The bats started coming out just after 8pm and don't stop unil 10 30 or something crazy like that. Mexican Free-taileds and Cave miotis. We were the last people to leave. On the walk back to the car, Melissa almost stepped on a baby bat. A tiny, itty bitty baby bat. He must have fallen off mom when she left the cave :( That kinda sucked, cause there was nothing we could do for him. Maybe somehow he survived. I really hope so, cause i cried some tears for the little guy. He was so cute, and awkward, and tiny. My god. I've never seen a baby bat before. The noise the bats made when they were coming back into the cave was pretty nuts. Crazy whooshing sounds. So the bat cave exceeded my expectations. I give it lots of thumbs up. Rad stuff!

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Sunny said...

You should have taken the baby bat home. That would make getting an apartment so much easier.