Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Birds

Got a little less than a month to go in Leakey. The birds are getting pretty quiet, but not that quiet, they are about ten days late this year it seems. Lots of fledgie action but quite a few unpaired males also, go figure, eh? We have a TON more Black-capped Vireos this year too, so that's kinda fun. I finally managed to snag a somewhat decent photo of one, on about try number 568. Here's a bunch of fledgling pics.

We have been following some Huttons Vireos too this season. We've found two different sets of fledgies and about 20 other adults. I've managed to get a few photos too, for evidence. We're writing a little blurb up for the Bulletin of the Texas Orn Society (they're pretty rare around these here parts). Ohh, Fancy pants!

Oh and about a month ago we went to the coast of Texas (yes yes, I said i would never go back there again, this time I mean it). We saw some good birds there too, though I'm rather sleepy and don't remember them all - it was a lot. So here's just a couple pictures from that weekend. (Blackburnian, Chestunt-sided, Carolina Wren Fledgie, Spoonbills, and Prothonotary)

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