Monday, June 22, 2009

Tortoise Pee on the Border

We drove the long drive to South Texas this weekend to look for birds and other things that aren't birds. We indeed saw birds, and also non-birds.

I had never been to that part of the state before and was mildly hesitant but I was impressed with the mass amount of National Wildlife Refuges and state parks in the area. Good job, Texas! I was not impressed with other things in the area, such as the cities and the dumbass border wall going up through said parks and refuges. Really, all I can say is what the fuck?

Highlights for me were the Texas Indigo Snake and the Gopher Tortoise- both rare species. I got wildly urinated on by the tortuga while Zac was holding it (it was in the road, that's why we moved it) That thing has a giant bladder and released it all on my shoes and pants, i mean, soaked me. Wow. I can handle a little tortoise pee though, don't worry.

We also saw a bigger than life Golden-cheeked warbler. On a billboard - hot damn! I'll give Texas Parks and Wildlife props for this. There were other threatened/endangered animals on billboards down there also. Well done, well done. Be it known how much i despise billboards, but this was actually for a good cause, making the GCWA a star. Oh yeah!

I don't know who this lizard guy is, but he posed nicely for a photo, so I like him. The ribbon snake was really pretty also. The coast shot is from Laguna Atascosa. Too bad the rest of the Texas Coast doesn't look like this...nice spot! The water didn't look like a sewer tank here either - we were shocked!

I finally saw a Green Jay. Man, those guys are good looking. I wish I was that pretty. What?

Other little friends I got decent pictures of were the Altamira Oriole, Plain Chamamamalackawhacka (i prefer this little used spelling), Eastern Meadowlark fledgie, and White-tipped Dove.

The Canon has decided to turn against us and kind of, well, just decided not to work so well right now. The flash mount is all screwed up and it the camera itself only turns on sometimes (rarely). So that's just freaking swell. And by swell I mean this: it's making me insane. And by insane I mean: just bordering on becoming physically abusive with the camera.

Here's a Yellow-billed Cuckoo and a Bronzed Cowbird fledging that was being fed by a Mockingbird. Sigh...


anw said...

I am in love with the green jay.

Zac said...

y'all done take purty pictures