Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Mice Friends last day in the field I stumbled upon some mice friends. I happen to have some almonds as my tasty snack for the day, but forfeit them for the mice. It was a worthwhile thing to do. Check out the adorable videos. I think i guaranteed about a year's survival for the little guys.

Also, I found an arrowhead on my last day...saw 7 GCWA fledgies and 4 adults, and found a freaking pine tree (never before seen on the ranch, and the only one native to Real County). I was happy. it was a great last day, even though a bit bittersweet.

I miss the ranch (not Texas so much) already - namely the awesome night sky, sweet storm clouds, all the animals, the good people, the lack of people, the GCWA's and the BCVI's, no traffic, the heat, cacti, good water quality, the Frio, lots of places to ride my bike, mountain lion scat. And a bunch more stuff. However, I don't miss living in the trailer.



Anonymous said...

I noticed you didn't mention your roommate. You and I both know you really miss her. It's ok for you to admit it.

Michael said...

I love these mouse movies. They really cheered me up for the evening. Thanks for the link.

Jen said...

Oh gosh these are cute! even tho mice give me the heebie jeebies. Thanks for directing me here.
and oddly enough, I have a mouse story for l my blog-
perhaps I'll post it tomorrow.