Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mr. and Mrs.

So guess what? Wait, I think you all know by now, but...Zac and I tied the knot 3 weeks ago. Niiiiice! It was, okay, maybe i'm biased, but, it was the best wedding! Everything about it was just right and I couldn't have asked for anything else. Thanks soooooooo much to my mom, Andrea and Susan who did all the dirty work while I was in Texas.

We made it as eco-friendly as we could and all the food was vegan fare, and just so damn tasty! (Thanks to Menu Makers Catering and Cuppy Cakes). Our photographer (Kiki Morton) is my new favorite person and extremely talented. The flowers were beautiful, the music (Galen Kipar and Yuri Mamchur) was fantastic, and it was SO great to see so many friends and family. It was perfect, yes :) We got hitched in downtown Franklin and the reception was in my backyard. I'm very attached to that backyard so it meant a lot to me. The weather was lovely and everyone could handle the heat.

Check out Kiki's blog: (Scroll down to "Green Wedding") for some pictures and detes of the wedding. She's great!

And check out the delish treats from the caterer's blog: (scroll down to Jill and Zac wedding)

Here's a few photos from the big day. By the way, I designed the my dress and it's organic cotton, and the bridesmaid dresses are Patagonia (ohh la la!). Yes sir!

Parents -

The wedding party (minus Ellie and Matthew) -

The Wussow family -

Lots of Lomans -

St Philips -

My shoes! (which are actually running sandals with vibram soles..that's right!) -

Zac and I tried to dance for a minute -

We had a bridal luncheon thang on Thursday and me and mom (mom mainly) cooked a bunch of yummy stuff and had a swell little get together. Ann (seesta) planned a happy fun time on Thursday - horseback riding on the Natchez Trace (so pretty out there!), which was tons of fun and I think i needed a little horse therapy to tone down pre-wedding stress. Good work, Ann!! I loved it! And then we had, hands down, the best veggie sushi meal I've experienced to date - and that's saying a lot having eaten lots of veg sushi in my time. Again, well done, seesta! Fun with horses and tasty veggie sushi - couldn't ask for more!


Lisa said...

I agree! Good wedding! Congrats...again.

anw said...

The food was delish! And the wine! And the gelatto!