Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Things that Fly

These are some birds. Could you tell? Well, they are. We watched an Olympic Gull chow down on a starfish a couple weeks ago. I was pumped I actually had the camera on me and snagged a photo of the awkward moment. Niice. Below is from the Arcata Marsh on an extremely foggy morning (Marbled Godwits and Willets) Didn't make for great pictures, but I kinda like this one even though it's dark and weird.

A couple White Fronted Geese at Prairie Creek State Park. They don't usually hang out around here, so that was nice of them to stop by. I didn't have the 'big' lens that day, but managed to get a decent shot somehow.

Here's a couple crappy shots of a White-tailed Kite and a Red Shouldered-Hawk. There were 13-15 kites at this one little spot. They were all over the place. I like 'em, really pretty birds.

And here's a female Harlequin Duck on the South Spit...another one who doesn't generally spend much time around here. I like their chubby looking faces.
We checked out a conservation area by the Department of Fish and Wildlife the other day (Fay Slough). That's where we saw all the kites, the Waxwing and the White-crowned Sparrow below. This guy right here (Song Sparrow) is from Hookton Slough, which is part of the Humboldt Bay NWR.

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