Thursday, November 12, 2009

Costa Rica Days 11 & 12 - Santa Rosa: Howler Monkeys and Pootoos!

Oh yes, I realize our trip is pushing a year ago, but dammit, I wrote a journal of cool stuff we saw while there and said I'd blog it up, and I, uh, am way behind on that. But since I'm all pumped about our Trinidad and Tobago trip, I realized I should finish what I attempted to start with the Costa Rica blogs. So here it goes.
I have the rest of the journal, but lost the pages for days 11 and 12, so I gotta wing it there.
I know a crazed taxi driver took us to Santa Rosa National Park n the the 28th, and we were not displeased to get out of Liberia. Santa Rosa was awesome. There were only 4 other people there camping, and they were all together. We set up our campsite next to a bunch of iguanas, parrots, White-throated Magpie Jays, and Howler monkeys. We were overwhelmed very early on. The parrots were chomping on these flowers that were falling all over the place.

We went for a hike for the rest of the day, came back to eat our usual dinner of refried beans in a bag and corn tortillas (which I still will never eat again). We went for a little walk at dusk before it got dark and saw these two Crested Guans courting. The male was feeding the female. That was freaking awesome! I only took one picture because they let me get pretty close and I was just watching them. Very cool thing to witness, not going to lie.
We went back the tent for a while, and as usual, I beat Zac in a run of Yahtzee (oh yeah!). Then we went on a lnight hike and saw a Common Pootoo, which was pretty unexpected. He landed right above our heads within 5 minutes. I can't believe the photo came out as well as it did, considering I was shooting in the pitch black and literally straight up (ow, my neck!). Anyway, good find! We found a couple nightjars also...and without my lost and beloved journal pages, I guess I don't remember what else. The stars were pretty out of control, I remember that.
The parrots woke us up bright and early (Jan 29), as did a few deer that were right next to our tent. We took another hike...we didn't have enough water to do the 16 mile day hike to the ocean and back- which is very unfortunate, because there are supposedly a bunch of crocodiles by the river mouth down there and from the view we got, it looked fantastic on the beach. Oh well, next time, that's one of the first things on our list. Either way, we got a good hike in. Saw the Double-striped Thicknee, a few helicopter dragonflies, some weird swarm of tiny wasps? and various fancy lizards.

More Howlers and a Black-headed Trogon. There was a group of probably 30+ Howlers...Santa Rosa was the first time I saw them and I got exceptionally excited. I couldn't get enough of them. So cute to watch the babies going off on their own and snuggling with their moms. I loved it.

Don't wanna forget these two guys - Great-crested Flycatcher and the White-lored Gnatcatcher, who was crazy hyper!


HANNIBAL said...

The images captured on your trip are really really GREAT! I am going to Costa Rica in early January, which happens to be my second trip there. I can't wait! I would love to see Howlers this time around! (Among sooo many other creatures!)

Johnny Nutcase said...

Thanks so much! We got to see so much great stuff during our trip, loved every minute of it! Where in CR are you going? Hope you get to see the Howlers- they're fun to watch..and listen to :)