Friday, November 13, 2009

Costa Rica Days 15 & 16 - Puerto Jimenez: Macaws and Caimans!

Day 15 ( Feb 1) was devoted to wandering around San Jose like madmen, trying to find another camera chip before we went backpacking in Corcovado. We had to run back to the hostel at one point because they wouldn't sell it to us without seeing the camera...luckily despite all this, we did catch the bus but had to end up taking a cab instead of walking down to the station. Took the bus to San Isidro, stayed the night there.
Feb. 2 was much more exciting. We got to Puerto Jimenez (I just love saying that!) after a 5+ hour bus ride (saw a King Vulture on the drive), much of it on unpaved roads. Saw about 20 Scarlet Macaws very shortly into our quest to find a camping spot..awesome! Spent a long time eyeing them, then wandered around and found a nice spot to camp for 3 bucks a night. A guy named Adonis (we love Adonis!) owned a few acres, with a mangrove swamp on the property. So we camped a few meters from a bunch of caimans and 2 crocs. (We saw an old caiman nest and lots of croc and caiman trails- cool!) Tons of parrots, iguanas, a black hawk net, a roadside hawk pair, and various other good stuff right next to the tent. It was pretty much right on the water...didn't take me long to fall in love with this place!
We set up the tent and checked out the Bare-throated Tiger and Boat-billed Herons and in the process saw a bunch of basalisk lizards, anhinga, Mangrove Cuckoo, Lineated Woodpeckers, Short-billed Pigeon, Osprey, Laughing Gull, Tody Flycatcher and some White-crowned Parrots.
We still had quite a bit of daylight left, so we played in the water for a while before going into town for some killer vegan pizza. I gorged, I won't lie.

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