Saturday, November 28, 2009

Costa Rica Days 22 & 23 - Corcovado and Jimenez

We lounged around and walked along the river for a few hours this morning. Zac wasn't really in the mood for another 12-13 mile hike out I don't think. The temperature was really really hot today, so the water felt extra nice. Eventually, we packed out stuff up and started the hike out of Corcovado. It was a gorgeous hike, but pretty rough. It was basically all river and creek crossings on an extremely rocky bank. It was kinda painful on the old feet.

After about 4 or 5 miles, a random truck came out of the blue. There was no road...just the rocky bank. They didn't speak any English, but offered us a ride and we took it. I was a little hesitant only because I wanted to hike and not ride, but looking back, it's probably a good thing we did. The rest of the hike would have been in the sun the entire time, with the river and creek crossings and rocks. So, we got in the back of the pickup, which was totally full of stuff. I had to hang on for dear life and almost went flying off a few different times. The 8 mile drive took a pretty long time. We got dropped off in La Palma.

Once in La Palma, we got a taxi type thing back to Puerto Jimenez. That was a crazy drive too. It was sort of like a half pick up truck with the bed covered on two sides with canvas. We went over this bridge and lived to tell about it.

Once we got back to Puerto Jimenez, we went straight to the ocean and played for hours. Full moon equated to a great high tide. Man, we were really dirty after 4 days of backpacking in 100 degrees. Oh yeah! We went into town and had a few Imperials and pizza. I beat Zac at yahtzee again before we crashed.

(Feb 10)
Today we had no choice. We had to do laundry. While that was happening in town (we dropped it off with a sweet old lady), we played a serious game of dominos with Killian and his sister. Costa Rica vs the US. After 2 hours, we won. That was tons of fun, Killian's a good kid.
We grabbed our laundry and went to the ocean for a few hours. Later we sat in the sun and taught Killian what yahtzee was all about. He won. We hung out with Adonis and Killian for a while at night and said our goodbyes (in theory, were catching a 5 am bus).

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