Sunday, November 8, 2009

Crazy Waves Part II

Today we decided to check out the South Spit before we went kayaking, figuring the waves might still be pretty big. We were correct, though it had died down from yesterday. Lots of surfers out today and a couple Coast Guard boats getting tossed around by the waves ( I think it looked like they were having fun).
On other notes, it has been sunny 5 out of 7 days this week which was fantastic - that means I got to play outside 5 days straight, sweet! I'm dreading the arrival of the winter gloom and rain though. Oh boy.

And yet on other notes, freaking hunting season started a few days ago, which is horribly depressing. We took the kayaks out today and there were hunters everywhere murdering the innocent geese and ducks. I have no respect for these people ( I hesitate to call them people). It's just sick. There were feathers floating in the water and we even saw a dead duck that some shithead shot. We both got exceptionally worked up ..I still am. Tears and rage. Rage and tears. The season ends early January, thanks for ruining my winter, killers.

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