Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy Waves

So some storms from the Gulf of Alaska brought in some gnarly waves into our area today. We went to the North Spit to check them out, wow! Impressive stuff. According to the Coast Guard, they were up to 30 feet. 30 feet? That's insane! The pictures don't do these waves justice at all, which is unfortunate, because they deserve it. The whole jetty (which is a big honkin jetty) was covered with water and the walkway basically disappeared. We went at high tide - there was absolutely no beach left at all. We talked to one of the BLM rangers and he said he had never see it get this high. Fun stuff to watch. The light was painfully harsh and with the low mist/fog, didn't make the photos ideal...they look much better black and white!


anw said...

Awesome waves. I would've loved to see it!

Johnny Nutcase said...

come visit come visit...even if the waves aren't that big all the time.