Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Headwaters Forest Preserve

We finally got around to checking out the Headwaters Forest Preserve. We've had an unusual amount of sunny days in the past few days, so we've taken advantage of that big time. Warm, sunny days on the North Coast in November - that's insane! And i like it!

On Halloween day we went to the preserve and hiked just a few miles. But in that time, we saw 2 Northern Pygmy Owls. I had never seen them before, so I was quite happy to admire their adorable-ness. Not a word? Oh. My camera settings were all screwed up so these didn't turn out as well as they should/could have...very much to my very angry dismay. Still pretty cool though. This guy snagged a cricket right in front of us and we had some awesome looks at him while he was finishing his snack.

Yesterday, I went back to the preserve and hiked the 11 mile trail while Zac was in class - sorry Zac! I only saw one other person all day, and that was someone going back to their car by the trailhead. I always get mildly concerned while solo hiking and I see fresh bear scat. No one for 11 miles? That's pretty nice and isolated! I took the trail up to a small old growth redwood grove and saw a California garter snake, a couple deer, stepped in a yellow jacket nest (oh yeah!), saw another pygmy owl (about 1 mile from the other two). It was also extremely birdy..and SUNNY! so happy about that. Lining the trail was fungus everywhere. It's so dark in the redwood forest though, so most of those pictures didn't turn out too well and I didn't feel like messing around too much with the camera at the time. Here's a few photos from my hike. The last one that looks like the color is way off (kinda white) - that's the color the forest actually was in this one particular spot. Really pretty bizarre, I have no idea why everything was so goofy colored?

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anw said...

i love the little cricket-eaters!