Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Friends

We go to Arcata Marsh, the South Spit, the North Spit, and various other areas pretty regularly, so here's a few recent bird shots from said places. These are all within the last couple weeks. I saw a Nashville Warbler right outside our front door in the bushes two days ago, but wasn't able to snag a photo of him.

The cuties above are Semi-palmated Plovers in Samoa.

So here's some guys from the marsh. There was a pretty big flock of Yellow-rumped/Audubon's Warblers hanging out and some stopped momentarily for a photo op.

Black-capped Chickadees seem to not cooperate very well for me, so I'm surprised I managed to get an okay shot of this guy. Then a Green-winged Teal, Golden-crowned Sparrow and a Ring-billed Gull in some pretty awesome lighting, and a Song Sparrow.

And here's a few fellows from the North Spit. The Alien Western Grebe, Surf Scoter, Brown pelican

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