Saturday, November 14, 2009

Otters! Otters!

Today was deceiving. The sun was out and beckoning us so we gladly submitted. First we went to the beach, where the wind and cold was rather painful. Spent a little time there and figured we'd go somewhere a little bit more sheltered. Humboldt Bay NWR...nothing much going on there today except for an adorable family of otters! Ah! So cute, and not bothered by us, so we watched them play and eat and pee and bathe and all that fun stuff for a while. At one point they came up where we were and ran across to the other side of the water - all four of them ran about three feet in front of us, checking us out. Here's some pictures of the cuties. Love 'em...happy little family of four. It seemed to me like they were having a blast - made my day!

The guy below was snarfing on this fish in the shade...they chew very loudly!

They would get out of the water every 5-10 minutes to roll around in the sun and groom eachother, make a pit stop, etc and then jump right back in and get back to business with the food and play thing.


HANNIBAL said...

Absolutely adorable! Great captures!

anw said...

i love the pics and your new masthead.