Wednesday, December 23, 2009

California Birds 2009

Next 'Best of Birds' set is from Northern California, all Humboldt County. We just moved back here in late August, and I've posted most of the good stuff pretty recently, so I don't want to repeat too many photos. But here's a couple of my favorite photos from the past few months. The Olympic Gull snarfing down the starfish; Love that I was able to get this shot. The Yellow-rumped Warbler is everywhere, but I quite like how he's checking me out in this photo below.
This Northern Pygmy Owl was awesome! He flew pretty close to us at eye level and caught a cricket. Unfortunately, the camera settings were off and the photos were not really sharp at all and it was too dark. But, he was still a highlight. My first pygmy owl. Below him is the badass Peregrine Falcon. Such an excellent bird. And then the Mountain Plover, which I realize I've posted a couple times recently, but I love the photo and that we actually go to see him! Last is the American Pipit. I just like that he stayed so still...they never do!


ramblingwoods said...

Wow..I looked before I read and thought 'starfish'? That is amazing. Love the owl..I would love to catch an owl..any owl..I'm not picky... Michelle

Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating too to see the gulls eating such gigantic starfish with the patience to let what is within to be digested enough for the next piece to be swallowed.

I was just in California in the Bay Area and got some photos of yellow rumped warblers eating poison oak berries. Even a ruby crowned kinglet was enjoying in this feast.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Agreed, the starfish thing is crazy, isn't it? looks incredibly painful. Must be tasty! I love it when the Ruby's have their crowns up..such pretty little birds. As for owls...I feel like I rarely see them so I was realllly really excited about this little pygmy owl!