Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Costa Rica Birds 2009

All right, time for the Costa Rica favorites now. This'll sum up my 2009 favorite birds posts. The others: California Birds and Texas Birds are here. There's a couple handfuls from Costa Rica since we saw 204 species while we were there earlier this year. I've posted most of these in my Costa Rica journal entries but hey, here they are again! The first guy is an Emerald Toucanet which I was ridiculously thrilled about. I mean, look at him, he's really quite dashing.
This Bare-throated Tiger Heron above is an all time favorite photo. We had seen them earlier in the trip but this one is from the Corcovado backpacking. I basically crawled and scooted closer and closer to him on the rocks at low tide and got a full frame of his head. Gorgeous Birds. We saw 12 species of hummingbirds. Below is the Purple-throated Mountain Gem (what a fitting name!) and Violet Saberwing. Good stuff.

Scarlet Macaw in the, very cool! Those birds are SO loud...woke us up often while we were camping, but really, is there a better way to wake up? adorable Bananaquit, a female Elegant Trogon, Mangrove Black-Hawk (who allowed us to get weirdly close, nice!).

Next round is the Western Slaty-Antshrike on takeoff, Streak-chested Antpita, Double-striped Thicknee (good find), and the Collared Redstart who was sooo crazy hyper, I'm surprised I got even one shot of him.

Wait, there's more! A Northern Pootoo who flew right above us on a night hike. This was shooting straight into the dark, straight above my head, which was actually kinda painful. But, somehow I got the bird in the frame. Then a Great-crested Flycatcher. I dunno...that genus is impossible to identify, but we're going with Great-crested. Another favorite photograph. After that is a Black-hooded Antshrike. I was a little annoyed that I didn't get his tail in the photo, but the rest is super sharp so there was some compromise. He got so close so quickly, I didn't have time to zoom out!

And last is the Streaked Flycatcher and the Golden-naped Woodpecker. That last one is not too high quality, but I was pretty excited about that bird also, so I thought I'd throw it on here.

Camera Critters Happy Holidays!


Irene said...

Amazing shots .... I'm stunned! I hope you don't mind I added to my list so I can follow your blog!?
And thanks for you comment on my macro pictures!
Wish you a Merry Christmas!

eileeninmd said...

Fantastic photos of awesome birds. I hope to see some of these birds myself soon. What time of the year did you go to Costa Rica?

John W. Wall said...

You sure do get around. Great bunch of birds!

Dave said...

Gorgeous photographs Jill, just stunning! What kind of camera lens are you using?

Johnny Nutcase said...

Thank you much! We were in CR for a month last January/february.
Irene, definitely, i'm flattered!
Dave - the lens is Sigma 50-500mm, that thing gets a of use!

Pekka said...

Very colorful birds. Thanks for visiting at my site Kuusela. ;-)

Pamela said...

WOW.....those are amazing photos. a fantastic job!
Beautiful photos and amazing birds. How lucky you are to have not only seen them but to photograph them to bring back all of those memories.

I am in awe.

Happy Holidays

ellen said...

Cute, Nice entry. Mine is up!

Jan Axel & Gloriela said...

Great photos of absolutely great birds. That of the female Black-hooded Antshrike is my favourite.

Pat O'Donnell said...

Whoah! Your photos are pretty darn good! Even the "poor quality" Golden-naped Woodpecker looks pretty nice. Yeah, lot's of great birds here and not so easy to photograph which makes your images especially impressive.

Larry said...

Awesome collection Jill! I hope to make my first tropical birding trip to Costa Rica in the not-to-distant future.

I must say my favorite of all your Costa Rican birds is the Bare-throated Tiger Heron. There is just something about herons, maybe it's their intensity. Plus the fact that you crawled on your belly to get that shot makes it extra special.

The Emerald Toucanet is pretty darn special in my book too and I'm gad you "threw in" the Golden-naped Woodpecker.

I have the same propensity to put in photos that I think are not perfect but are still nice to share. Heck, I might never get to see a Golden-naped Woodpecker!

Anonymous said...

wonderful pictures!