Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Costa Rica Day 26: Tapanti National Park

Up early and in the taxi to Tapanti National Park. We spent a good 7 hours hiking here, the wettest place in Costa Rica (it lived up to it's name, couldn't live without the gaiters). We saw a lot of good stuff and only two other people! Awesome! Early on, there was a Black Guan (an endemic, above - not a great photo), Passerini Tanagers, White-throated Robin, other birds, and three White-faced Capuchins doing a monkey dance. The Violet Saberwing (top photo) is from our hike out of the park.

The first trail we followed was not all that well maintained. After a couple miles, it disintegrated completely. Yup...just fell into an abyss. Pretty crazy, but unless we wanted to break some limbs, we had to turn around. So then we hiked to the river and a waterfall. Really pretty river with a lot of serious rapids and huge boulders. It started raining quite heavily but what are you gonna do? It was one of our last days in Costa Rica, we're not gonna be wimpy about it. If anyone can identify the flowers below, that'd be appreciated...I'm not good with id'ing them. But they sure are pretty! Well, the second one is a little funky looking, kinda reminds me of teeth.

We hiked until the park closed. And then, since we had no ride back to the hostel, we started hiking back into town (um, about 12 miles). We came across a tucked away little lodge in the middle of nowhere and ordered two casados each (mm...hungry). Somehow we got a taxi back to the hostel.

Below - we're enjoying the rain and the faraway waterfall. Yeehaw!


Appalachian Lady said...

Great photos! We went to Costa Rica back in the 90s. My favorite place was Arenal--we stayed at the Smithsonian lodge (pretty spartan) only 1-1/2 miles away. The trails too were spotty--I slid down the muddy trail once. Your posts make me want to go back again!

Johnny Nutcase said...

Oh yeah, we're already aching to go back! do it! We didn't get to Arenal (or the Caribbean Coast) this time around, so we have to go back! thanks for checkin out my blog!