Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Costa Rica Days 24 & 25: Bus rides, lots of 'em!

Hmm. So our intended plan was to catch the 0500 bus, but we managed not to let that happen. Instead, we had to get the 1 pm one. We payed around Puerto Jimenez until then, finding some macaws, Laughing Falcon, and a couple Tropical Kingbirds.
Eventually, we threw ourselves on the bus ride to San Isidro...which lasted eight hours. That was mildly painful for a variety of reasons. The plus side is that we found some cheesy novels in Puerto Jimenez for the ride. That killed the time a little bit, but we had to use one of the books to shove in the window because it was broken and making the loudest noise possible. Stayed in San Isidro that night (woohoo, we got shampoo!).
(Feb 12) In the morning, we were thoroughly confused by the bus terminals in the city. Apparently, there were four, and it took us a good chunk of time to locate the correct one. We got on a bus to Cartago (saw a Sooty Robin on the ride) and then jumped on one to Orosi. We ended up getting off at the wrong spot and had to walk a few miles in the rain back to Orosi. Camped in the backyard of a hostel that night and woke up to a Motmot next to the tent. Wish I could have gotten a better photo of the guy, but no luck!

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