Monday, December 7, 2009

Costa Rica Days 27 & 28: Last Days

All right then, I'm finally on the last entries of the Costa Rica trip! The last two days were probably the most unexciting days, unfortunately - mostly spent getting to here and there on the bus.
(Feb 27) We walked around Orosi in the morning for a few hours. Saw the oldest church in Costa Rica and checked out some festival they were having in town. We walked down to the river and then it was time to head back to catch the bus. Not the most exciting bird in Costa Rica, but that's a Rufous-collared Sparrow above.

We attempted to get a bus to Cartago. However, I think the bus driver thought it would be funny to make the guys with big packs run after the bus. So, well, that's what we did for about a half mile. The guy didn't stop for us! We had to run after him, I dunno what that was about. In Cartago, we ate some sandwiches by this old burned down church, that now looks like a pretty snazzy courtyard. The church had apparently been burned down and hit by a couple different earthquakes. It was really beautiful though, with all sorts of blooming flowers and greenery.
After lunch, we tried to find the bus station to San Jose. That did not go as planned. It would have been really helpful if we spoke a little more Spanish. We ended up walking miles around the city with our packs because there were so many different bus stations. This was more than a little irritating for us. If I remember correctly, neither Zac or I were in very pleasant moods at this point. Luckily, when we did find the right station, we got a direct bus to San Jose, so that meant the bus ride was significantly shorter than it would have been.

We made it to the hostel in San Jose, found a vegetarian restaurant (woohoo!) and ordered two meals each. Oh yes, it was tasty. We walked around the city later (yikes, cities) only because we needed to stretch our legs...I'm not a fan of San Jose. At the hostel, we talked to a really nice guy from Alabama who convinced me we would probably at least get malaria, dengue, some tick borne illness (Zac actually did) or Hep. A, or all the above. He was really sweet, but was a doctor and had lived in Honduras for a long time, so I guess he saw the gross stuff. I don't think he realized that I am actually a bit of a hypochondriac when it comes to creepy diseases.

We flew out of Costa Rica the next day, so sad. It was a brilliant trip and we saw more than 200 bird species, tons of awesome mammals, flowers, everything. We hiked/backpacked roughly 230 miles the whole trip. Corcovado was my favorite part and I want to go back now! Such fun. If you're interested, there are about 20 posts on the blog with Costa Rica labels. There's some cool pictures of birds, monkeys, anteaters, etc. Now I'm pumped for Trinidad and Tobago..only a few weeks!!!

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