Monday, December 28, 2009

The Funk and The Duke

I haven't posted any photos of the infamous Garfunkel (aka Funky G, G-Funk, Funky Nugget) and Hayduke (aka HiDuke, Hey Duke) lately. And that's just ridiculous, because I love these little feline fellows so much. This'll probably be my last entry for the year and I thought they should grace 'the cover.'

They are both strays. I've had Garf since 2001 when I rescued him from the pound in Flagstaff, AZ. I volunteered there and fell in love with Garfunkel, who tried to attack everyone but me. I had to get him out of there! He lived illegally in the dorm with me until I could go home months later with him. He's about 12ish now and painfully sweet and huge on eye contact. I love the little (actually, he's pretty big!) guy. He lives in Tennessee with my parents because he and Hayduke would eat each other. That sucks and I wish they would get along, but that's just not happening. He's extremely happy in TN though and I chat with him on the phone sometimes, it's true. I'm going to visit him in February :)
Hayduke found me in late 2007 when I was doing field work in the hellish place called Corpus Christi, Texas and Padre Island National Seashore (no offense anyone!). I would have been 100 percent miserable there if it weren't for Hayduke. He came meowing at my trailer (that's right, we got luxurious housing!) door the second day I was there. He sat on my lap and watched Neverending Story and ate vegan mac and cheeze with me that night, while purring the entire time. Pretty sweet little guy. When I was done with the gig there, I moved to Hill Country and couldn't just leave him in Corpus, so he came along of course. And if you were wondering, indeed yes, he is named after the Ed Abbey character, Hayduke. Why? because he would disappear those first few weeks for a day or so and I figured he was out pouring sand in gas tanks and destroying billboards. Heh heh.

Both of them are excellent travelers, both have been on cross country plane rides and cross country road trips numerous times. So now you know about The Funk and The Duke. They're pretty awesome.


elvira pajarola said...

......they are too lovely...!!!!
I've got six of them.....and love each of them so much...!!
have a wonderful time and I'm already looking forward to see all your new Pics!!!!!!!!
Happy Honeymoon!!!!!!!!!!
Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
ciao ciao elvira

jason said...

They're too darn cute! They sound like a real pair of characters.

Tulsa Gentleman said...

I have a dog that likes being an Only Dog. He does not play well with others. I might just over look that and asume that he would get used to another dog or cat, but he is a pit bull and that might not work out.

Besides, he is the most people friendly dog I have ever had, He loves everybody who comes in my front door. He never barks but runs to the front door to greet whoever is there with great affection.

dutchbaby said...

Many years ago I rescued a tabby/Siamese mix that looked a lot like your Garfunkel (great name). We had him for many years before he died at a ripe old age.

Enjoy your trip to Trinidad/Tobago. Please be careful there!

Happy New Year!

Carolyn said...

They are so cute!!!


Ingalill said...

What beautiful cats, like the blue eyes :)