Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I am not meant for the cold.

It's true. I'm extremely wimpy about the cold. I can pretty much handle any kind of heat, but cold? No, definitely not. I think it's always freezing up here (all year long it's roughly 55-62 as a high), and the low doesn't usually get lower than 43. But this week has been rough. It's 23 right now, what!? I can't handle that! I waited to go play outside today until 1 pm because that's when if finally got over 40. Call me a wimp, go for it, but I can't help it. I lose feeling in my hands way too easily, and that creates a problem when you have a camera with you.

So, I wandered over to the Humboldt NWR for a couple hours until I was about to crack from the cold. I did see a Peregrine get a shorebird again and fly right over me (ahhh..) but there wasn't much happening. But, I was walking really fast trying to warm up, so maybe I just missed it all. Anyway, there were two little fuzzball raccoons shuffling around in the reeds and this Red Tailed - his picture was very much rushed, i didn't really get to frame him how I wanted and he's not all that sharp. But still, I was happy he let me get one shot off before he had enough of my nonsense. There you have it.


eileeninmd said...

The hawk does look puffed out trying to stay warm? Love raccoon, they are cute critters except for when they ar on my deck.

John W. Wall said...

Excellent work, Jill. Good to find another California nature blogger.