Saturday, December 5, 2009

Incoming Storm, Glacier National Park

This photo is from my dear old point and click (which I still use while kayaking and stuff like that). It's from a backpacking trip in Glacier National Park a couple years ago. It was mid September, but there was a snow storm coming in, on my way out. I got out pretty quickly, but I did have to hike in rain for about 6 miles, but oh well.

Funny story about that trip...came across a couple who had just gotten done with their hike. They asked what campground I was going to so I mentioned Cosley Lake. The lady got all weird and surprised that NPS had reopened that campground, because, apparently, as early as a week before, "a grizzly was causing trouble in that area." She seemed mildly concerned.

That was comforting, as you can imagine. We got to the campsite (I wasn't solo, a friend was with me, luckily), after passing no people for almost 10 miles and no one else was at Cosley lake. Anyway, there were all sorts of crazy noises that night and I did not sleep at all. It didn't help that I read Night of the Grizzly the previous two days. Don't ever do that while backpacking in brown bear country. Just don't.

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Teresa said...

That is like reading Jaws while you are at the beach. Beautiful picture!

eileeninmd said...

Great photo! I loved Glacier Nat'l park, the Going to the sun road was very cool and scenic.

Manang Kim said...

Oh oh no single human in 10 miles ^_^ and several different noises at night can't blame you for not having a good night sleep ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

My Scenic Sunday

The Explorer said...

I dream someday that I will be able to visit wilderness like this. thanks

Anonymous said...
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