Sunday, January 17, 2010

No damage from the shake!

So, we're back in Eureka, after a loooong trip: Trinidad to Houston (crazy turbulence) and then Houston to San Francisco (even worse turbulence, yikes!) and then a 6 hour drive to the north country.

We were in Tobago when Eureka's 6.5 earthquake hit - happened to see a tiny photo of our favorite health food store's disarray in the Trinidad and Tobago newspaper. I flipped out a little bit and got really worried about Hayduke (cat) and our apartment. Managed to get some emails out and found out Hayduke was okay at the kennel and our apartment only had some stuff knocked around. Relief (but I still assumed we had a lot of broken stuff).

We got back last night and assessed the damage, which happened to be none at all. That's pretty crazy that we had absolutely nothing break. A few things had fallen off shelves and some pictures were tilted but I'm just amazed that nothing broke. For once I'm grateful for the nasty carpet in this apartment, ha!

I saw a lot of pictures of damage and thought for sure we'd have broken glasses and frames at the very least, but nope. We got really lucky. Although, even if we had stuff that was broken, I would feel too bad complaining because of how Haiti fared, ugh :(

post script - I lied, we had one broken dish. Also - a 5.7 quake on Venezuela's Northeast coast near Trinidad the day we flew out?? Creepy stuff. I think the shakes are following us!

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