Friday, January 22, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Day 4: To Tobago

Well, I didn't really get any photos other than the agoudis that I liked today, so that was kind of a bummer. It was our last day at Asa Wright (also a bummer) today. So we made the most of the time we had left there, getting up extra early again.
Zac was scared and scarred from the chigger attack, so I went for a hike while he relaxed on the porch. I got a much better look at two Bellbirds and the Golden-headed Manakins. Both species tend to hang out pretty high up in the trees though, making them very difficult to photograph. The pictures of them are basically looking straight up - ouch! Both are really neat birds though and I saw the manakins do their little display dance, which is quite impressive. Other than the Bellbirds and manakins, it was pretty quiet out there.
We had to leave by 11 am, so I went back and packed up, said goodbye to the new friends and the guides. We had a total of 110 species in 3 days there - not bad! I am not fond of these pictures below.

So, this is about to get a little wordy. (Just so you know). The plan was to be dropped off at the ferry in Port of Spain, as we were going to take it over to Tobago. Well, we failed to actually make reservations or plans for this, and the ferry ended up being full. We had just been dropped off at the ferry station - which was more or less like a rough looking Greyhound Bus station (they're all rough looking, I know that).

Spending 5 hours there was not appealing, so we decided to just get a cab to the airport and see what happened. There are flights between Trinidad and Tobago on a very regular basis throughout the day, so we hoped we could just get some standby ticket.

Our cab driver turned out to be the obligatory insane taxi driver. We had one last year in Costa Rica that we were sure was going to take us across the border somewhere and dump us. This guy was nice enough but had some pretty bold things to say about the US Goverment - who doesn't, yes, really. According to him, Obama is the messiah. Hey, we like the guy but whoa. He also shared his 9-11 conspiracies with us. He had a whole series of rants about various things. It was in our best interest to just nod our head and agree at times, because I think if we had disagreed something potentially negative could have happened. Yes, he was that worked up about stuff.
Arrived at the airport around 1 30 and were on the plane an hour later. Excellent! So, that all worked out wonderfully. The flight was only 15 minutes. Tobago's airport, and Tobago itself, is very tiny. We ended up renting a car and getting an apartment within an hour. I say 'apartment' because that's what it was. There were 6-7 other apartments, all with people who lived there. But, the place got the job done. It's got a heap full of technical difficulties (various broken things, like doorknobs and the 45 year old lumpy pillows). The pillows were a problem for me. This has happened before - the ancient nasty lumpy pillow situation- in Costa Rican hostels. Thank for for my stuck sack/dry bag obsession, because they make lovely pillows. Anyway, the place has a kitchen, bedroom, and sitting room, so it's got some stuff going for it.

It was getting to be late afternoon and I was becoming a tad salty because I was freaking starving. It was Sunday and pretty much all food type places were closed, like the grocery store. And being vegan (and Zac vegetarian), there were not a whole lot of options. Luckily, there was a tiny hole in the wall Mediterranean place, with hummus, baba ganoush, and tabouli. Victory! ...No. It was not meant to be. They were out of all of it! What the hell?

Then we found a place that said 'Vegetarian friendly' - whhheeee! No. It was closed until August. Oh, come on!

Then! There as another little tiny vendor that had a double decor vegan burger on the menu. Seriously? Perfect. NO! They were out of them. It was like someone had ripped my heart right out.

Hmph. As disappointing as this scenario was, it ended up the last place made us a tasty salad and a bunch of rice and beans. So I didn't pass out, which was a good thing. And I got food in my system and wasn't acting quite so evil any more. Thumbs up for that.

So that sums up Day 4. Pardon the length.


Susan said...

Good point about the pillow..those little travel ones that you can blow up come in handy in places that aren't too worried about what you think of the bedding. This is a great adventure you're on!

Maggie B said...

Your photographs are all absolutely stunning!
Glad you got something decent to eat in the end.
Thanks for stopping by our house in Normandy.

afv said...

Unexpected things always happens when travelling which makes it more fun.