Sunday, January 24, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Day 5 & 6: Beach Time!

( Smooth-billed Anis)

Day 5 (Jan 4) consisted of driving to the North side of the island, to Cartara. We set up on Englishman's Bay (a pretty empty beach, lucky for us) and spent most of the day playing in the waves and sitting on the sand. There's the bay below, pretty sweet spot, can't lie about that!
We stopped a handful of times on the drive there (which took about 45 minutes) and checked out some little spots. The Smooth-billed Anis (below) were posing very nicely for me, so I snapped some photos of them that I was very happy with.
It's probably a good thing we didn't bring a tent this trip, because I would have been tempted to put it up by this beach and I might not have ever left! Look at that water!

Below is Bloody Bay - an appealing name, no?
Day 6 (Jan. 5)- We were up early and the plan was to search out a place called Bucco Marsh. We followed the sketchy directions but in the end, were displeased to find out that it's being developed. Gah! There was a little bit of marsh left, next to the construction site, right on the beach. So we walked over there (totally sketchy) but it wasn't overly safe - construction debris crap around and such.
(Southern Lapwing near Castara above)
There was a pretty long stretch of beach, so we took our stuff and were going to walk a half mile or so to the more secluded part, but a girl stopped us and advised us against that idea. She had just been robbed on the beach apparently. Hmm.
We drove around and found a much better beach. Other than some guy who tried to sell us pot on the beach (again, sketchy!), this place was a good spot. The waves were pretty awesome there and we played like little kids in the water until we got destroyed by one particular wave. At that point, we ran out of the water like dorks.
(Goats in the road, hey!)
In late afternoon, we headed back to town, bought some cheap pillows (a wise decision if you read my entry about the lumpy things). I found a little frog in the apartment and expertly caught the little guy and put him outside. We slept pretty well with the new pillows. Check out the local beer's slogan: "It's a man's world." HA! so silly.


This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jill: Wonderful captures at the islands, love your birds and beach.

Michael said...

The Smooth-billed Anis really is a bit of a poser. Thanks for sharing.

Birgitta said...

Wow! Such wonderful photos from Trinidad and Tobago! Thanks for sharing Jill!

Martha Z said...

Beautiful beaches and interesting birds, I think I'd love it there. They unsavory characters you met would be a bit intimidating, though. One look at our gray hair and they would think us easy marks.

Samson said...

nice post and great shot's Jill, liked your post on frowny birds and moss, tree branches covered with moss look so beautiful...

Thanks for your comments on my blog, yes its photo of a male Beta on my blog.

Have a great week ahead :)


Jay said...

The smooth billed anis is enchanting! Not so the human 'wildlife' on the beaches - how awful not to be able to walk on the beach for fear of being robbed!

Love the goats in the road, too!

NatureFootstep said...

wish I had been there too. And the lapwing is fantastic. Great photos that makes the imagination flow.

jason said...

Anis! No matter what anyone thinks about them, they'll always seem so personable to me. Beautiful images of them--replete with all that personality they seem to have.

And the beer? Hysterical! Drinkable, yes, but hilarious anyway.

Nicole said...

Gosh, what an awesome place!
Look at that nature and the water!
And those birdies are more than great.
I've never even heard of them :)