Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Trinidad and Tobago Day 10: Part VI: This and That

I realize I have an excessive amount of "T and T Day 10" posts. Pardon that, please. I think there will be one more after this - I'm out of control!
(Rufous-vented Chachalaca above and below)
So. Oh yeah, Day 9 was fairly uneventful and I think I only took one picture that day: the Grey Kingbird below. It rained a serious rain until noon. The second it cleared up, we headed to the beach for the rest of the day. We bought some overpriced books too. A few days prior, something tragic happened. The television in the apartment -type- motel- place we were staying at...the station got stuck on Mtv. Aw, man. Really?! Yeah, it's true. The sad thing is we actually watched it at night sometimes. Wow. We were appalled. (the place we were staying was not the kinda place you could say 'hey, can you fix my tv').
Moving on, then! Jan 9th (Day 10). We spent the day at the Grafton Preserve. (it's got a lot of good trails and extremely few people). We saw probably 50 Chachalacas (man, I love that word, and I love making up spellings for it, too) right away and soon after we spotted our first Jacamars .
(Male Barred Antshrike, one of my favorite birds)
Saw a handful of new birds (just saving that list for another time), including quite a few motmots and another boa constrictor - awwwwesome!. On one of the really overgrown parts of a trail, we scared up about 10 bats who were roosting at the base of a hollowed out tree. That startled us briefly but they were pretty cool. Got some pictures of the bare-eyed thrush that i was really happy with.
(Male Barred Antshrike above, female below)
I have a couple pictures of a pretty neat looking run-down building with an insane amount of cacti growing on top of it...I'll post it when I locate it. Hmm? In the meantime, check out the crazy epiphytes on these trees. I wish the photos did them justice, but I'm afraid they don't. They were pretty gnarly looking.
It started raining and we were hungry (surprise), so we hiked out. But then, it stopped raining so we ignored our hunger and went to this other place that had a few more trails and lotsa hummingbirds (more in another post). This is also where we saw the giant snails . Well, one giant snail since the other shells we found were empty. Uhhh..I forget what kind of woodpecker this is, Zac?
The sun was going to go down soon, so we went back to town and gorged on tasty vegan delights. Almost forgot about this little frog friend below. We came across him in the trail, and in fact, there was nothing little about him - he was huge!


Irene said...

Amazing photos from Trinidad and Tobago. Exotic birds I never seen before, very beautiful. I'm wondering what kind of lenses you use.

Regards Irene from Norway

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Jill: Fun post with some great photos of the birds in the rain forest conditions.

Jay said...

Gorgeous! All of those creatures were unknown to me, so they all look wonderfully exotic! You are lucky to be able to travel like that. Even if you are stuck with MTV. LOL!

Anonymous said...

It looks like a wildlife photographers eternal paradise. Always something to catch the eye of the lens and to see life living all the more closer.

Rambling Woods said...

How could anyone be tired of these photos?

Johnny Nutcase said...

Thanks all!
Irene- there's a list of my lenses under my profile if you want to check that out. :) But for bird photography, I have a Sigma 50-500. It's not the fastest lens, but it's my first 'big' lens and so far so good...want to upgrade sometime though!